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1oo – 1st BASE Online Ordering

1oo is 1st BASE's Online Ordering system that allows users to place their orders and requests through our hassle-free online portal. With 1oo, you can:

  • Retrieve information of previous orders anytime
  • Place order(s) online at your own schedule, not others
  • View your order status online LIVE NEW
  • Received SMS alerts on your completed order (Coming soon!)
  • Gain Rewards with every dollar spent. 1oo Rewards You!


3 Simple Steps to Ordering via 1oo,

  1. Register for a new account at
  2. Log in to 1oo with your User ID and password
  3. Submit your orders


Ordering Information

Order Forms
If you are ordering outside of Malaysia and Singapore, please contact your local sales offices from our list of distributors. Contact us at for further assistance.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis


IDT Oligo Orders are processed by First BASE Laboratories Sdn. Bhd.

Download First BASE's Oligo Order Form and email to

DNA Sequencing Service

Click here to download the relevant order form.

Complete and email form to: (Singapore) (Malaysia)

For International Orders, please download International DNA Sequencing Order Form and Email to

Fragment Analysis

Download Fragment Analysis Order Form and Email to: (Singapore) (Malaysia) (International)

Peptide Synthesis

Download Peptide Order Form and Email to: (Singapore) (Malaysia) (International)

Proteomics Services

Please click here for ordering information. 

Custom Antibody Production

Click here to download the relevant order form.

Complete and email form to: (Singapore) (Malaysia) (International)

Buffers and Biochemicals

Email your orders to our appointed distributors.

Contact us at for further assistance.

Molecular Biology Services

Click here to download the relevant order form.

Complete and email form to: (Singapore) (Malaysia) (International)



Quick Guides

Please refer below for some quick guides to aid your ordering with 1st BASE

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Use Restrictions
1st BASE's customized Products and Services are for research use only. They have not been approved for use in any clinical, diagnostic or therapeutic applications. Prior written consent from 1st BASE is required for resale of products, unless pursuant to a separate signed agreement by 1st BASE's authorized distributors.


Warranties and Disclaimers
1st BASE's products and services are guaranteed to meet or exceed our published specifications as measured under normal laboratory conditions. If any order is found to be defective due to its synthesis process, please inform us within 30 days upon receipt of the product, we will provide a replacement.


1st BASE is not responsible or liable for any losses, costs or other forms of liability arising out of unauthorized or unlicensed use of our products. 1st BASE's product warranty covers only the defective product, which will be compensated by a replacement. Under no circumstances shall 1st BASE be held liable for other indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages, resulting from any use of our products.


Order Cancellation, Deferral, or Change
Once an order has been placed and you have received your order confirmation, you can no longer cancel your order. For our Online Orders placed through 1oo, please read
1st BASE Online Ordering System End-User License Agreement.


If you need to make amendment to your submitted order, please contact Customer Care immediately and make reference your Sales Order ID number. If the order is already being processed, changes may be limited or chargeable.

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