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Oligonucleotide Synthesis
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With effect from January 2012, Gene Synthesis will be offered by 1st BASE Custom Oligos (FBCO).
Please visit for product and ordering details.
Singapore and Regional
Orders will be channeled and managed by FBCO. For product offerings, ordering details and list of distributor,please visit
Orders will continue by processed by First BASE Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. Please email with your order infromation:-
  1. Delivery location, tel. no and name of Principal Investigator
  2. Payment mode: SOID # / PO number / Direct purchase or Cash on Delivery
  3. Details of your Gene Synthesis project

           - name of your gene synthesis project
              -  full sequence required
              -  restriction enzyme and promoter sites to include
              -  identity of your choice of vector (kanamycin or ampicilin resistance) and host cells

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