Q1) How to store and ship human blood collected in EDTA(K2) blood collection tube?
Ans: It is compulsory to ship on dry ice.


Q2) What is the alternative for gDNA extraction if I cannot get any courier to ship blood samples/ approval from country’s custom?
Ans: Please consider saliva gDNA as the DNA obtained from saliva is equivalent to the DNA from blood. We will provide the saliva collection kit to you. Saliva sample will remain stable for years at room temperature and can be mailed using the standard postal system.


Q3) I want to PCR and sequence human gene to detect single-nucleotide polymorphism/mutation. Which service is recommended?
Ans: MBS-7100: Blood Sample Preparation and SS1001: Single Pass DNA Sequencing.
We strongly encourage customers to collect blood sample using the FTA card. Blood samples collected on the FTA card are stable at room temperature and are safe for shipping by normal mail/courier. Then, we will punch the FTA card and use the disc as DNA template for PCR. The PCR products will be purified and send for sequencing. We do not extract gDNA from FTA card.