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DNA Sequencing Services
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   •   Single Pass DNA Sequencing (SS1001, SS1002)
   •   Ready-to-Load Sequencing (SS1005)
   •   Difficult Template sequencing (SS1006)
   •   Primer Walking (SS1008, SS1009)
   •   Ready-to-Load DNA Sequencing with Clean Up (SS1019)
   •   DNA Sequencing Service + PLUS (SS1201)
   •   DNA Sequencing Sample Preparation and Quantification
     Universal Primers Offered
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How to Order


1. 1st BASE Online Ordering, 1oo
Place your orders using your online account at


1st BASE Order Online simple as 1-2-3.
Try it now! It is amazingly easy to use and hassle-free!
To find out more about how to use 1oo, please click


How it works
Step 1: Register for free as a new user with 1oo
Step 2: Upon successful registration, you will be issued a password
Step 3: Login and start ordering!In the event that you encounter any difficulties registering a new account or placing an order, please contact our Customer Care Team.


2. Email your order using the 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Order Form. Download and complete the excel file with your order requirements.


Please send the completed form to our respective email accounts to activate a free local collection. For international orders, please send us an email with your shipment tracking number to ensure speedy processing of your orders.
**Please enable the Macro function in Microsoft Office Excel.


Location Singapore Malaysia International
Order Form DNA Sequencing
Order Form

DNA Sequencing Order Form
International DNA Sequencing Order Form
Email to: sequencing@
Tel: +65 67757318 +60-3-8943 3252 +60-3-8943 3252



All sequences and reports will be kept confidential. Non-disclosure agreement is available upon request.

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